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Second Grade Students Learn About Sweden photo

Second Grade Students Learn About Sweden

Second graders at Hemby Bridge Elementary were in for a treat when Annelie Haski, a native of Sweden, visited to share information about her country and culture.  Ms. Haski spoke to students about holiday traditions, clothing, the Swedish alphabet and numbers, and best of all, their food!  Students even had the opportunity to sample Swedish cookies during the presentation. Second-grade teacher Lauren Thomas said, “Our students always enjoy learning about other countries and cultures through our ongoing globalization activities, but having the opportunity to learn directly from a member of a different culture makes the experience so much more meaningful.”  Hemby Bridge thanks Ms. Haski for taking the time to visit and share with us!

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Third Grade Students Learn By Giving photo

Third Grade Students Learn By Giving

The Third Grade teachers and students have recently started a program through the website, freerice.com.  The students work on this site to solve math problems, work on grammar skills and use their knowledge of geography.  Every time that the students answer one question correctly, they earn 10 grains of rice.  Each class is working together as a team to add to the class total.  After just one day of doing this, the students earned over 20,000 grains of rice!

The rice that is earned by each classroom is actually donated to help those who are hungry in many parts of the world.  Students get to help the less fortunate by using their knowledge and skills and at the same time, putting an end to hunger. 


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